Ji Hyun-woo (Joo Hyung-tae, born November 29, 1984) is a Korean actor and musician. He was the lead guitarist of the South Korean independent rock band The Nuts and is known for his starring role in the cable television series “Queen”

Ji Hyun-woo officially debuted in 2003 and is an actor. In 2004, he made a name for himself with the youth drama “You Will Know” and the film “Old Lady’s Diary” produced by sitcom. Because of his popularity, he was named “Little Brother of the Country”. written in bybit

In addition to acting, Ji is also talented in music. He started as a guitarist for the second album of Korean band Moonchild. Then in 2004, he formed the rock band The Nuts with Park Jun-Sik (lead singer) and Kim Hyun Joong (bass).

Ji Hyun-woo appeared in the real estate search as he appeared in Nahonja. (Ji Hyun-woo Instagram )

Ji Hyun-woo, who starred in ‘Nahonja Asset’, which aired on Friday, January 17, 20, showed various candid appearances.

Ji Hyun Woo becomes a worker to help her husband’s successor live in Wando. On the same day, Yissien decided to quit smoking for the health of the New Year, and the quitting tips shown in the video increased the time to endure smoking.

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