When all is said in done, you can wear a knee support once you begin to encounter knee agony or need to avert past knee damage. A knee backing can be worn during restoration period like post ACL medical procedure. It’s ideal to counsel with your essential parental figure about when to wear a knee prop.


The knee joint is unpredictable and made of numerous bone on bone knee brace and tendons, which can make it powerless against a variety of wounds. These knee issues can transpire at any age during any action.

From taking an interest in movement to getting up from the sofa or strolling, knee wounds can bigly affect your everyday. While mileage to the knee occurs after some time, tendon harm will in general happen from an unexpected turn or responsive development particularly in sports.1 Here are three normal knee wounds and which knee props can help oversee side effects.


The meniscus is bit of ligament that demonstrations like a cushion between your femur or thigh bone and tibia or shin bone. An off-base turn can without much of stretch damage the C-shape ligament which can be an incomplete or all out tear.

In the event that you experience a little meniscus tear, at that point the meniscus remains associated with the front and back of the knee. On the off chance that you have an all out tear, at that point the meniscus might be left barely holding on of ligament. Contingent upon the size of the tear and area will decide its earnestness.

“There are an assortment of knee props out available today that are explicitly intended to give alleviation and backing to explicit conditions,” says Anna Muñoz, M.Ed., ATC, DonJoy Performance® and DonJoy Advantage® Product Manager. “Knee props have an assortment of highlights and advantages relying upon the condition, you may see a brace for patella support/following, a metal pivot for tendon strength, or pressure sleeves for growing. These structure highlights are consolidated into the prop configuration to help explicitly give alleviation and backing to the Consumer’s condition.”

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